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An Objective and Independent Financial Advisor

Find an independent financial advisor who understands and follows the scientific finance literature.

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During my 20+ year Silicon Valley business management career, I had saved and invested according to the financial principles that I had learned at the Stanford Business School in the early 1980s. (See: Pasadena Financial Planner) Retiring in 2001, I began a systematic reading of the academic literature about personal financial planning and personal family investing.

As I searched the web, university libraries, and on-line scholarly paper repositories, I was impressed by how much very useful personal financial planning information was scattered around the academic world. It seemed to me that many individuals and families were starved for just this kind of objective financial and investment information. At the same time, people were drowning in a sea of self-interested securities and financial services industry sales pitches that pushed overly expensive and unnecessarily risky investment products, with expected returns that were much more likely to be inferior due to these high investment costs.

Information from the financial media and financial services industry is superficial and biased.

The financial media and the securities industry generate a deluge of information, but leave individuals with very little systematic or durable understanding of which are the best financial planner practices, and which practices are likely to be inferior. Faced with all this finance and investment “noise,” individuals are hard pressed to understand what is true and what financial and investment claims have or have not been verified. Without valid guideposts to screen out all the noise and self-interested hype, individuals cannot reasonably be expected to plan a proper course for their lifetime financial affairs.

Scientific financial planning information is very useful to individuals for personal financial planning and investing.

As I returned to my academic and research roots, I began to read finance and investment journals, to visit finance professors’ websites, and to search the Internet for publications and working papers. After my first year of almost full-time reading, clarity began to emerge. By the middle of 2003, I was convinced that I understood more efficient and scientifically verifiable pathways for individuals to optimize their financial planning and investment strategies.

Since then, I have collected and organized over 25,000 electronic documents related to personal finance and investing. I have read thousands of research paper abstracts and over 1,000 seminal financial and investment papers in their excruciating economic and statistical details.

Nevertheless, academic research papers are not written for individuals, but rather for other academics and for highly trained financial industry research professionals. Furthermore, useful information is dispersed in a sea of less useful research information not focused on personal financial planning. Moreover, these research papers contain the obscure vocabulary of economic and statistical research — not breezy reading at all! To make some of this information more accessible, I have written hundreds of articles and published them for free on various financial websites.


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Larry Russell, Managing Director

MBA – Stanford University, MA – Brandeis University, and BS – M.I.T.

Lawrence Russell and Company Pasadena, California 91103

(626) 399-9579

A California Registered Investment Adviser — Certificate 133101


A truly independent financial planner and fee only investment advisor

(Regarding compensation, I provide financial planning services solely on a fixed fee or hourly fee for services basis, and only under a contract that we agree upon. You do not have to pay any asset fees. In addition, in the interest of avoiding any conflict-of-interest, I do not accept compensation or commissions of any type from the financial industry.)

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