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Your Family Financial Planning Process

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Step 6 – Select investment securities using valid criteria

Given the extremely large number and variety of available securities, investors need a rational basis to select among them. Without rational selection criteria and a good understanding of which factors are more or less likely to increase risk-adjusted returns, investors will make poor decisions based on false assumptions.

We will begin with the presumption that portfolio investment strategy would focus on broad-based, market oriented financial investments that can be acquired economically and held inexpensively in your portfolio for an extended period. We will provide a set of recommended investment vehicles and percentage allocations including a recommended minimum number of investment positions within each particular area. Consideration will be given to domestic versus international, value versus growth, small versus large capitalization, and other investment vehicles that may move the portfolio away from a broad market orientation. Of course, investment cost and tax implications will heavily influence these recommendations.

Consideration will be given to your existing investment portfolio to determine what parts should remain and what should change. We will discuss a transitional plan for those parts that we recommend to change, and our recommendations will consider the cost and tax implications of making such changes. When appropriate, recommendations will also address adjustments that counterbalance any financial concentration that you may have elsewhere in your portfolio.

Step 7 – Slash your investment costs and taxes

Even with optimal investment strategies, there is still substantial room to improve upon net investment performance through continued and vigilant focus on controlling investment costs and tax realization. The investment fees extracted by the financial securities industry are grossly excessive. Excessive costs imposed on “retail investors” have increased substantially during the past several decades on both a total cost and a percentage of returns basis.

At the same time industry deregulation, market innovation, and increased competition have provided many new and useful mechanisms for investors to manage their assets in a much more cost- and tax-efficient manner. It is not hard to cut your investment costs, but you have to be conscientious and vigilant. I will help you to become an extremely cost-conscious investor, and I will help you to remove all those hands that may currently be in your family’s financial wallet.

For your current asset holdings and for new investments we will model details of taxation and investment expenses in the projections. Recommendations will be provided which are designed to reduce investment costs, to reduce and defer tax recognition, and to shift tax realization toward lower tax rates.

Recommendations for new investment will focus on very low cost, passively managed investment vehicles. A very wide variety of very low cost cash, fixed income, and equity investments are available through low cost channels, and there is no reason to purchase more expensive vehicles that are not expected to provide any better return or risk reduction.

Step 8 – Budget your insurance expenses

The world is fraught with numerous potential risks – financial and otherwise. Insurance can be purchased for a wide variety of situations, but the issue is always value and affordability. Many people could spend all their investable capital on insurance and have nothing left to invest and build a financial cushion for the future. Therefore, we can discuss a budget for insurance expenses and your preferences for risks you are willing to bear and risks you wish to ensure.

While value, affordability, risk exposure, and risk tolerance should affect insurance purchase decisions, insurance is often sold and purchased emotionally. The issue is where to set a rational rather than emotional balance between expected risk and return.

Step 9 – Use time-efficient financial management practices

Time in life is the most precious and perishable asset that a person has. It should be spent enjoyably and efficiently. Scientific investment strategies that rely on relatively efficient financial markets allow people to minimize their time commitment to personal financial planning and personal investment management. Yet, on average, you can still expect to obtain optimal risk-adjusted portfolio returns that are near the market’s return

We recommend an annual review of your personal finance and investment plan on approximately the anniversary of your initial plan. At that time we will update your personal financial planning model and recommend any appropriate changes. In the interim, we can work together to implement recommendations that you accept and to perform other financial planning services that you want.

Step 10 – Self-manage with occasional professional consulting

Pick financial planning and registered investment advisors solely to obtain objective and high quality advice. Specific investment advice is potentially of high quality, if it is carefully customized to your particular needs and is given by an adviser who is very knowledgeable, highly competent, and completely independent. If you agree with the advice being given, then buy the recommended financial products through the most inexpensive channel possible.

We do comprehensive personal financial planning exclusively. We do not sell securities and do not hold assets in custody. We do not sell insurance, nor do we provide accounting services or legal advice. However, as part of our business development and networking efforts we make efforts to become acquainted with high quality professionals who can provide specialized assistance. In developing a plan for you, part of our focus will be on providing you with recommendations on how to acquire appropriate professional services both easily and economically.

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